Pro Touring Lighting Direction & Design

Pro Touring Lighting Direction & Design for your tour.

From the start I will treat your tour like it is one of a kind.

Using fundamental theatrical lighting I like to focus and start with lighting the artist and the musicians.

From there we decide what direction we take to properly accent the music without distraction.

I never start with a flash and trash approach. Some of those elements will be used but only if fits the mood. There’s a fine line between making the audience look at your cool lighting look and it connecting with whats happening onstage.

I will usually do less than more to start out and work my way to complex things after the basics are covered.

As a part of the design process we will provide all technical drawings and 3D renderings to help you make decisions on initial concepts and ideas. 3D renderings are a good way to work through design issues before building hardware and spending precious budget dollars.

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